Math 477 (Probability), Section 3, Fall 2017 (Rutgers University)

Last Update: Dec. 22, 2017


A first course in Probability by Sheldon Ross, ninth edition


Dr. Doron ZEILBERGER ("Dr. Z") [Office: Hill 704; Email: DrZprob at gmail dot com [Note: This Email is ONLY for this class.] ]

TA at Large

Mr. Andy Huynh [Email: andy dot huynh61 at rutgers dot edu]

Mr. Huynh's Office Hours

Wed. 1-3pm, HLL 626 and Thurs. 12-1:30pm .

Times and Place

Free Tutoring (in lieu of office hour)

Additional Office Hour: Thursdays 12:00noon-1:00pm, Hill 704

CLASS POLICY (and grading method)

Answers to Homework Problems

Lecture Schedule


Added Dec. 18, 2017: Here is the Final Exam and here are the solutions to the Final Exam.

Added Dec. 22, 2017: Congratulations to the top scorers on the Final Exam , who scored at least 190 points (out of 200):

Added Jan. 4, 2018: students' evaluations .

Dr. Z.'s teaching