Theory of Numbers [Math 356], Fall 2013 (Rutgers U. (NB))

(Last update: Jan. 13, 2014)

Added Oct. 7, 2013: How do design your very own Practice Exams for Exam 1.
Added Oct. 16, 2013: Here is Exam I, and here are the solutions to Exam I.
Added Dec. 2, 2013: Here is Exam II, and here are Josefina MANSOUR's perfect solutions to Exam II.
Added Dec. 9, 2013: Instead of a practice Final, here are All the homework assignments, in one file. If you can do them all (correctly!) you would ace the final.
Added Jan. 5, 2014: Here is Final Exam (without solutions). And here are Kelsey Horan's almost perfect solutions to the Final Exam (with three problems done by Abbie Shieh).

Lecture Schedule [and Homework]

Optional Review

Final Exam

Added Dec. 24, 2013: top scorers on the Final exam (out of 200)

Added Jan. 6, 2014: Here are the students' evaluations.

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