Math 250 (Introduction to Linear Algebra), Section 2, Fall 2019 (Rutgers University) [FOR EXTRA INFORMATION ONLY]

Last Update: Nov. 7, 2019

Update Sept. 16: Due to an injury, I am no longer teaching this class. However, I will still be maintaining this page, posting the solutions to the attendance and real quizzes after they are given.

The new instructor is Dr. Cynthia Sanchez-Tapia. Professor Sanchez-Tapia plans to use my attendance and real quizzes.

Index number: 04688


Elementary Linear Algebra, a Matrix Approach, 2e, by L.E. Spence, A. J. Insel, and A. H. Friedberg


Dr. Cynthia Sanchez-Tapia [Email: chs77 at math dot rutgers dot edu (Added Aug. 18, 2020: no longer valid)]

Former Instructor (and maintainer of this webpage)

Dr. Doron ZEILBERGER ("Dr. Z") [Email: DrZlinear at gmail dot com ]

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