01:640:135 Summer 2014

Please find the syllabus here.

Please find the tentative schedule here.

Note: If you compare our schedule to the schedule for the semester, you will find that we are covering 2 or 3 semester lectures in one summer lecture. So make no mistake, the summer school course is much more intensive than the semester course. Plan your time wisely and don't take too many summer courses in order to avoid getting exhausted or stressing out.

All announcements are put on sakai only. Please make sure that you have the right email address registered.

Course Notes:

Please find Professor Eric Schechter's articles for undergraduate students here:
Please find the basic rules: http://www20.csueastbay.edu/library/scaa/files/pdf/Alg%20rules.pdf
It is required that you know these rules well.

If you have difficulties in these algebra issues, a series of link is provided for help.

Notice: The books seem to be developing and page numbering might change. But the section number together with the exercise numbering will be invariant. If you did not find the exercise and the reading materials at the pages I told you, just scroll around, or use Ctrl+F to find sections.

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