Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics (Math 244), Sections 1-3, Fall 2016 (Rutgers, NB)

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Here are the answers to the homework problems.

Added Oct. 6, 2016: Here is a sample for Exam1 and here are the full solutions.

Added Oct. 17, 2016: Here is Exam1, and here are the Full Solutions to Exam1.

Added Oct. 27, 2016: You are welcome to join the Second Chance Club for Exam 1 .

Added Nov. 22, 2016: Here is a Practice Exam for Exam 2, and here are the solutions.

Added Dec. 4, 2016: Here is (the way too hard) Exam2, and here are the Full Solutions to Exam2.

Added Dec. 4, 2016: You are welcome to join the Second Chance Club for Exam 2 .

Added Dec. 8, 2016: Here is the Fall 2013 final, and here are 2013 student Meredith Taghon's Perfect Solutions,

Added Dec. 21, 2016: Here is the final, and here are Ruchi Patel's almost perfect solutions.
[Note that in problem 2, y1 should be 1.2, not 1.3, and hence the final answer, y2 should be 1.454 and not as stated. Also the pdf file is going backwards, and some of the pages are upside down, sorry.]
P.S. Congratulations to Ruchi, who won a $25 amazon gift card.

Lecture Schedule [and Homework]

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Time and Place of Final Exam

Added Dec. 21, 2016:

Students who scored perfectly on the Final Exam

The following students got the full 200 points out of 200 points. Congratulations.

Added Dec. 21, 2016: here are the stats

Added Jan. 8, 2017: here are the students' evaluations.

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