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Support for Ph.D. Students

Mathematics Graduate Program

Various forms of financial support are available for Ph.D. students during the academic year (September through May).

  • Teaching Assistantships. This is the most common form of support. Teaching assistants are generally assigned to calculus courses and are expected to do approximately 15 hours of work per week for the course. First year students typically have only grading duties and are required to participate in the spring T.A. training seminar. Teaching Assistantships are 9 month positions. Since fall 2013, the salary for a Mathematics Ph.D. student teaching assistant has been approximately $26,000, and includes full tuition, fees and medical coverage.
  • Graduate Assistantships. These are positions that are generally offered by faculty members using funds from research grants. The salary and benefits are normally the same as those for teaching assistants. The duties of the graduate assistant vary, and should be discussed with the sponsoring faculty member. Entering Ph.D. students are rarely considered for Graduate Assistantships.
  • University Fellowships for entering students There are some fellowships that are awarded on a university-wide basis to entering students. Students who apply to the Ph.D. program are automatically considered for these fellowships. They are normally only available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. These fellowships include a stipend of up to $35,000 as well as tuition (some fellowships do not cover fees, which are about $1500 per year) and medical coverage.
  • University dissertation fellowships These are university-wide fellowships available on a limited basis to students who are expected to complete their dissertation during the year of the fellowship.
  • School of Arts and Sciences fellowships These are funded by the School of Arts and Sciences and adminstered by the department, are usually offered as a two year package, for year 1 and year 4. These fellowships include a stipend of $25,000 or more, as well as tuition (these fellowships do not cover fees, which are about $1500 per year) and medical coverage.
  • Departmental Externally funded Fellowships These are fellowships that are available when the department is fortunate enough to be awarded certain external grants. For students entering in Fall 2013 through Fall 2016, there are several GAANN fellowships available.
  • Departmental Weill Fellowships The department is fortunate to have an endowment, from Maurice M. and Adrienne R. Weill that is generally used to provide supplementary support for first year graduate students and some second year graduate students.

Information about potential support over the Summer can be found here.

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