Mathematics Department - Registering for Graduate Courses

Registration for Graduate Courses

Mathematics Graduate Program

Graduate student course registration is handled according to the procedures of the graduate registrar.

Mathematics graduate courses are primarily intended for students enrolled in one of the mathematics graduate degree programs. There are three other categories of students who sometimes take graduate mathematics courses:

Graduate students from other programs

The graduate program offers three courses which are especially designed for engineering students:

  • 642:527 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
  • 642:528 Methods of Applied Mathematics II
  • 642:550 Applied Linear Algebra
  • 642:550 Applied Linear Algebra
  • 642:593 Mathematical Foundations for Industrial and Systems Engineering

There are other graduate courses (especially in Applied Mathematics) in the program that commonly draw students from other departments. Students are advised to talk to the instructor of the course and/or the graduate director to determine whether they have the mathematical background necessary for the course.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduates must obtain special permission to register for a graduate course. There is a form in the graduate secretary's office that can be used to make this request, but requests can also be handled by email.

The student should first consult with the Honors Track committee chair (for 2007-2008, this is Professor Simon Thomas). Professor Thomas will determine whether the students background and academic record is sufficient to be allowed to register for a graduate course. If he approves, the student should either have him sign the form, or send email to the graduate director.

The graduate director will then make the final decision about approving the student for the course, taking into consideration such things as how crowded the course is. The student will be notified of the decision by email and, if approved, be given a special permission number.

Non-matriculated students

An individual who wishes to take graduate courses without being in a degree program may take up to a total of 12 credits as a non-matriculated student.

Students who wish to take courses in the mathematics department as a non-matriculated student should contact the graduate director.

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