Mathematics Department - Seminars

Seminars in Mathematics

Mathematics Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers a variety of weekly seminars and colloquiua. Regular attendance at seminars is an important part of your development as a research mathematician.

Seminars provide you with an exposure to current research in the field and important open problems. If you are not already participating a seminar in your field, get started! In addition to the seminars at Rutgers, you may find seminars of interest at nearby universities such as Princeton, NYU or Columbia.

Students often are reluctant to attend seminars because they have trouble following them. Don't let that stop you! It is a common experience when first attending research seminars to find that you get lost pretty early. Listening to seminars is a skill: as you attend more seminars, you will find yourself improving your mathematical vocabulary, understanding more, and improving your ability to extract parts of the seminar that are of potential relevance to your own work.

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