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05/23/08 Library info update, with valuable information and service supplied by the Math Librarian Mei Ling Lo; also, some of the following suggestions have been supplied by our colleagues:
In order to make the best use of electronic access, you need to be logged into the Rutgers University Library website. This should be automatic from your office terminal. From the outside, you need to type into your webbrowser and log in.

Here is a reminder about the *now updated* extremely useful math subject guide.
It includes the research resources link
A few examples of links that you'll find on this page--
NUMDAM (under "online journals") which provides access to the IHES journals and books, including Seminaire Bourbaki publications,
EMANI (also here) which accesses the Springer journals archive, and a link to Google Books.

Mei Ling has also added a new section called "Journals Ranking" which gives information about the latest fad, the "impact factor" of journals--- here they are:
Eigenfactor ranks journals the way Google ranks the websites.
* Journal Citation Reports
Journal Citation Reports allows users to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 7,500 scholarly and technical journals. Data covers number of articles published, impact factors for individual journals, and number of citations to each journal for each year covered. The data comes from Web of Science, provided by Thomson Scientific.
* Scimago Journal and Country Rank
The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus database, Elsevier B.V.
* Journal
The system, run by Red Jasper, allows users to interactively configure their ranking interests, and evaluate a journal's impact.

Project Euclid: Rutgers has a subscription to parts of it (Project Euclid Prime), but due to budget limitations we don't have access to all of it (in particular, to Project Euclid Direct). As a consequence, Duke Math J., for instance, is not accessible online earlier than 2000. (Back to 2000, DMJ can be accessed through the direct DMJ subscription.)

The Journal of Topology is now available through IRIS.

*ScienceDirect Math Backfile* (Elsevier), which was requested, was scrapped by the university due to lack of funds (it costs over $42,000).

There is another new tool that Mei Ling has implemented, called
Libraries LibX Toolbar, which can be downloaded to Firefox.

There is a useful feature in MathSciNet. Next to each citation on the right you will see the button "Search for Article AL". Clicking the button will take you to Rutgers Libraries "Article Linker" page, which will tell you whether you have electronic access to the article through Rutgers Libraries.

Electronic access to journals and databases, etc., is constantly and rapidly evolving, and Mei Ling Lo welcomes questions from all of us about how we can access material through the Rutgers Library system.

Kind regards,
Michael Kiessling and Jim Lepowsky

3/21/07 The library committee will maintain this web page to make information available related to library matters.

The Mathematics Librarian, Mei Ling Lo, has installed a link to a very useful mathematics subject guide.

Mei Ling Lo provides the following additional information to the Math faculty and graduate students:

1. Moving the Annals of Mathematics and other volumes to the Annex

Because of space restrictions in the Math Library, we have to move materials to the Annex (which is on Busch Campus, near the former Administrative Services Building) in order to find room for new journal volumes and new book purchases. I will send titles to the Annex only when the titles are available electronically.

The Annals of Mathematics volumes before 2000 have already been sent to the Annex. The Math Library has the print subscription plus two online subscriptions to the Annals. The JSTOR version has a "five-year moving wall". That is, the issues up to five years in the past are available online through JSTOR. The Project Euclid version provides online access to the entire run. The information can be found in IRIS, our computer catalog.

When we shift collections, I will also request budget to buy "dummies," which are styrofoam boxes that allow us to put notes on them. For example, I can place a dummy with the the Annals and write on it "The volumes before 2000 are available online. Search IRIS for details. The physical volumes are also available in the Library Annex."

The abstracts volumes of Mathematical Reviews (MR) have been transferred to the Annex. The subject index volumes are still in the Math Library. The space where MR was located will be used for shelving journals. We are planning to shift the entire collection of journals especially to make more room in the monographs (books) area. Each year, we add about 1200 volumes of monographs to the collection. In order to plan for 5-year growth, we need more room. Also, due to the new Financial Mathematics program, there are many books in the HG classification ranges. We have to leave more space in HG, in addition to making more space in the QA section.

The library committee will have a chance to review the list of titles that are sent to Annex.

2. Mathematics Ph.D. theses

We are planning to move the ACM Conference proceedings from the back corner of the library to the Annex. ACM publications are available through the ACM Digital Library. If this happens, the space can be used to shelve the Mathematics theses, which are part of the QA section. This would also free up space for other monographs.

3. Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics - LOCUS

A few faculty members, mainly from the Computer Science and Operations Research Departments, have asked me if we could have access to the back issues of SIAM journals. By purchasing the LOCUS package, we will be able to meet their needs. After consultation with the Library Committee, we have placed the order. This will have a small and one-time effect on book purchasing.

4. RefWorks

The following information has been provided by Dean Michael Beals and Mei Ling Lo: Please let your faculty members and graduate students know that the University now has a site license for RefWorks,a Web-based bibliography and database manager that enables faculty authors to import references from many electronic databases, include citations, and build a bibliography according to different stylesheets (APA, MLA, etc.). It has the advantage of being a web application (so that the author's data is available anywhere with a web connection); bibliographies can be shared among users; faculty can put up bibliographies for students that can be used by a group. Also, the Libraries did the work to interface with the Library collection, so in many cases those bibliographies can take them directly to full text of the articles. For more detail, please refer to

RefWorks Workshops will be held on April 23, May 31 and June 27.
Information and Registration for RefWorks Workshops.

12/13/06 News about the Math Library will appear here from time to time. This year's Library Committee in the Math Department consists of Michael Kiessling and Jim Lepowsky.

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