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Ph.D. Requirements - Seminars

Mathematics Graduate Program

At its March 2017 meeting, the Mathematics Graduate Faculty voted to no longer require official registration for 2 credits of seminar as part of the requirements for a PhD degree in Mathematics at Rutgers. This does not mean that the faculty does not regard seminar participation as an essential and important part of training in our PhD degree program; on the contrary, the faculty still expects active participation of seminars for all PhD students.

Part of the reason to drop the formal requirement was to reduce the financial cost to our program and potentially to students for credit bearing registration, due to a recent School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) policy change on funding mechanisms for PhD students: each fully supported PhD student in SAS would be given tuition remission up to 75 credits for the duration of study for the PhD degree (the minimum number of credits required for a PhD degree by the Graduate School is 72 (48 course credits plus 24 research credits); the 2 credits of seminar requirement was added by the Mathematics Program on top of the 72 credits that the Graduate School required).

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