First-Year Study Group

First-Year Study Group

Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Coordinator: Jonathan Jaquette

Who would be interested in attending?

First-year graduate students in mathematics, as well as any other students taking courses Math 502 and Math 552.

What do we discuss?

In essence we try to develop our understanding of mathematics through blackboard-assisted conversation. This often involves working on problems together, and dissecting both proofs and definitions we've encountered. While the meetings are unprogrammed, we mostly discuss the material covered the two core courses: Theory of Functions of a Real Variable II and Abstract Algebra II . If you would like to discuss material from other graduate mathematics courses, by all means come and join us!

Where and When?

For the 2013 Spring semester, we will be meeting on Sunday afternoons from 2:00pm-4:00pm.
Meetings take place in the Graduate Student Lounge, on the 7th floor of the Hill Center.
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