Mathematics Department - Course Requirements for the Ph.D. Program

Course Requirements for the Ph.D. Program

Mathematics Graduate Program

For the Ph.D. in mathematics, 48 credits (usually 16 3 credit courses) in an approved program of course work are required, normally including the following core courses :
  • 16:640:501,502 Theory of Functions of a Real Variable,
  • 16:640:503 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, and
  • 16:640:551,552 Abstract Algebra.

The program of courses should be chosen to provide the student with both breadth and depth in mathematics and/or its applications.

The normal minimum grade accepted for graduate courses is "B", though a small number of grades of "C" or "C+" may be approved.

The courses 16:642:527-528 (Methods of Applied Mathematics), 16:642:550 (Linear Algebra and Applications), and 640:642:593 (Mathematical Foundations for Industrial and Systems Engineering) are intended as service courses for students in other graduate programs and are not approved for the Ph.D. program in mathematics.

Requests for transfer credit for courses taken at other universities are handled on a case-by-case basis, according to the rules of the department and the university.

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