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Mathematics Graduate Program

The members of the Graduate Faculty are eligible to teach mathematics graduate courses and to supervise doctoral work in mathematics. While most belong to the faculty of the New Brunswick Department of Mathematics , others are in Computer Science, Operations Research, Statistics, Physics, in the School of Engineering or the Rutgers Business School. Each name is linked to a home page if one is available. Otherwise, the link will return finger information.

Official public information about telephone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses may also be obtained from the Rutgers online directory.

Here is information about faculty organized by research interests.

  Department of Mathematics New Brunswick

Mathematics Graduate Faculty in other Departments

  • Eric Allender (Computer Science-NB) Complexity theory; parallel and probabilistic computation optimization; operations research; mathematical economics
  • Adi Ben-Israel (RUTCOR-NB) Matrix theory; numerical linear algebra;
  • Martin Farach-Colton (Computer Science-NB) Computational molecular biology; design and analysis of sequential and parallel algorithms
  • Mark Feighn (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Topology and geometric group theory
  • Michael Fredman (Computer Science-NB) Data structures and algorithms
  • Siqi Fu (Mathematics-Camden) Complex Analysis
  • Jane Gilman (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Riemann surfaces; Teichmuller theory; Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Richard Gundy (Statistics-NB) Wavelets and time-frequency analysis; probability
  • Howard Jacobowitz (Mathematics-Camden)Differential geometry
  • Michael Katehakis (Management Science & Information Systems/RUTCOR-NB) Optimization, Stochastic Systems, Dynamic Programming and their application to Business Analytics
  • William Keigher (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Differential algebra
  • Haisheng Li (Mathematics-Camden) Vertex operator algebra theory
  • Gregory W. Moore (Physics and Astronomy) string theory, M-theory, and gauge theories
  • Lee Mosher (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Low Dimensional Topology & Geometry; Geometric Group Theory
  • Andras Prekopa (RUTCOR-NB) Optimization of stochastic systems
  • John Randall (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Differential topology
  • Diana Shelstad (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Harmonic analysis on algebraic groups
  • William Steiger (Computer Science - NB) Algorithms, discrete & computational geometry
  • Jacob Sturm (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Number theory; Geometric Analysis; automorphic forms
  • Mario Szegedy (Computer Science-NB)Theoretical computer science, programming languages, combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, artificial intelligence
  • Endre Szemerédi (Computer Science-NB) Theoretical computer science;combinatorics, number theory, graph theory
  • Gabor Toth (Mathematics-Camden) Differential geometry

Adjunct Members of the Graduate Faculty


  • José Barros-Neto Functional analysis; partial differential equations
  • Edward Boylan (Mathematics & Computer Science - Newark) Probability and computer science
  • Richard Bumby Number theory
  • Richard M. Cohn Differential algebra
  • Amy Cohen Partial differential equations; inverse scattering; Korteweg-de Vries equation
  • Bernard Coleman (Mechanics-NB) Continuum mechanics; analysis
  • Carl Faith Theory of rings and modules
  • Steven Ferry Geometric topology
  • Roe Goodman Representation theory and analysis on Lie groups
  • Stephen Greenfield Linear partial differential equations; several complex variables
  • Antoni Kosinski Differential topology
  • Peter Landweber Algebraic topology; bordism theory; generalized homology theory
  • Benjamin Muckenhoupt Harmonic analysis; weighted norm inequalities
  • Michael O'Nan Permutation groups; simple groups
  • Barbara Osofsky Ring theory; homological algebra
  • Ted Petrie Algebraic and differential topology; transformation groups; algebraic group actions; equivariant surgery; financial mathematics
  • Jane Cronin Scanlon Qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations; biomathematics
  • Charles Sims Computational group theory and algebraic algorithms
  • Earl Taft Hopf algebras
  • Jean Taylor Geometric measure theory; theory of crystal growth
  • François Treves Functional analysis; linear partial differential equations; several complex variables
  • Wolmer Vasconcelos Commutative algebra; computational algebra
  • Richard Wheeden Harmonic analysis; harmonic functions; weighted norm inequalities
  • Robert Wilson Lie algebras
  • Norman Zabusky Vortex dynamics in two or three dimensions
  • Hyman Zimmerberg Boundary value problems
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