Mathematics Department - Administration/Staff Directory

Administration/Staff Directory

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Rooms : Located in the Hill Center on the Busch Campus, unless building code is specified

Name Title E-mail Room Phone

Chair Office

Chris Woodward  Acting Chair ctw@math 309 848-445-4130
Mayka Benitez  Administrative Assistant I benitez@math 307 848-445-4130
Colette Claiborne  Secretarial Assistant coleclai@math 334 848-445-2393

Business Office

Theresa Kirby  Business Manager Supervisor tkirby@math 311 848-445-6980
Cornelia Kinsella  Business Assistant cmk188@math 314 848-445-6982
Walter McGonegal  Accounting Assistant walterm@math 312 848-445-6981
Ellen Tomori  Principal Accounting Clerk tomori@math 310 848-445-2395

Undergraduate Office

Undergraduate Vice Chair ugvc@math 305 848-445-6990
Alyssa Siegel  Sr. Administrative Assistant siegel@math 320 848-445-2390
Patricia Sykes  Administrative Assistant ugoffice@math 301 848-445-6991
Michael Weingart  Asst. to Undergrad Vice Chair weingart@math 209 848-445-7256
Terrence Butler  Undergraduate Advisor advisor@math 308 848-445-6989

Graduate Office

Zheng-Chao Han  Acting Graduate Director graddir@math 304 848-445-6995
Katie Guarino  Graduate Secretary grad-sec@math 306 848-445-6994

Mathematical Finance Office

Paul Feehan  Mathematical Finance Director finmath@rci 544 848-445-6961
Sunita Jagtiani  Director of Career Management Services suni@math 346 848-445-6856
Ana Mastrogiovanni  Program Administrator amastro@rci 348 848-445-3920
Natalie Quense  Administrative Assistant 344 848-445-7946

Computing Services

Risa Hynes  IT Director/System Administrator hynes@math 322 848-445-6999
Nigel Phillip  Unit Computing Manager/Systems np630@sas 324 848-445-6996
Ramon Paulino  Unit Computing Manager/Helpdesk paulinra@math 326 848-445-1318

Word Processing Center

Alice Leonhardt  Principal Secretary Technical leonhard@math 318 848-445-6969
Barbara Mastrian  Principal Secretary Technical mastrian@math 316 848-445-6966

Center for Mathematical Sciences Research

Joel Lebowitz  Director lebowitz@math 612 848-445-3117
Avishag Klatzkin  Administrative Assistant avishag.klatzkin@math 614 848-445-3923
Kellyann Giudice  Secretarial Assistant Technical donnely@math 610 848-445-6965

Livingston Satellite

Lew Hirsch  Director of Precalculus Instruction hirsch@math LSHB 102A 848-445-2288
Emma Rumen  Principal Secretary LSHB 104A 848-445-2288
Grace Kincaid  PT Secretary LSHB 104A 848-445-2288

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