Mathematics Department - M.S. Requirements

M.S. Requirements - Traditional Option

Mathematics Graduate Program

The M.S. in mathematics has two options, the traditional option and the mathematical finance option . The degree requirements for the mathematical finance option can be found here.

For the traditional option, 30 credits of course work are required, chosen with the approval of the Graduate Director. At least 18 of these credits must be in courses offered by the Graduate Program in Mathematics. Specifically required are (i) one of the courses 16:640:501 Theory of Functions of a Real Variable I, 16:640:503 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable I, 16:640:515 Ordinary Differential Equations, and 16:642:516 Applied Partial Differential Equations, (ii) 16:640:551 Abstract Algebra I and (iii) a course in computer science, statistics, or some area of applied mathematics within the department.

A master's essay is required, as well as a Final Master's Comprehensive Exam. There is no residency requirement.

Requests for transfer credit toward their degree for courses taken at other universities are handled on a case-by-case basis, according to the rules of the department and the university.

General requirements for graduate degrees at Rutgers are governed by the rules of the Graduate School - New Brunswick and are listed in the current catalog. These include how and when credit can be transferred and how many credits can be taken each semester.

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