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Sagun Chanillo
Department of Mathematics - Hill Center
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
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Some Articles related to Mathematics and Miscellanea

A short history of Mathematics in 20th century India Artless Innocents and Ivory Tower Sophisticates

CR Geometry and the work of Pancharatnam.

Some notes on Compact, Complex Surfaces Ramblings on Surfaces.

Some notes on Singular Integral Equations and Water Waves.

Notes on Class Number and Spectrum of Laplace operator Class Number, Spectrum and Analytic Number Theory.

Fibonacci numbers, partitions and Indian music and Poetry The Music and Poetry of India and Fibonacci Numbers

Primes in Short Intervals Primes in intervals

The Riemann Zeta function and probability Riemann Zeta Function

Notes on Kloosterman Sums Kloosterman Sums

Richard L. Wheeden Memorial Tribute(Notices of the AMS)Richard L. Wheeden In Memoriam 1940-2020

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