Mathematics Department - Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure

Mathematics Major/Minor Brochure

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

NOTE: The information on this site,, are now outdated. See the new site for the current information. The pages here are provided for archival reference during the transition to the new web site.

This brochure describes the mathematics major and minor at Rutgers - New Brunswick/Piscataway, as well as interdisciplinary majors, and five-year Bachelor's/Master's programs which begin with a major in mathematics. It also describes special opportunities and facilities available to undergraduates through the mathematics department.

Students should consult with their academic advisors about the ways in which mathematics courses can satisfy college requirements. Questions about courses preceding first-semester calculus should be addressed to the director of precalculus instruction, Prof. Lewis Hirsch, Lucy Stone Hall B, room 102A, telephone (848) 445-2288. Further information about advising is found here. New students and prospective students should review the information on our web page for prospective students.

For additional information students should contact the Undergraduate Office.

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