Mathematics Department - Part Time Lecturer Positions

Part Time Lecturer Positions

Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Retirement Plan

Part time lecturers are enrolled in a retirement plan and 5% of their salary is deducted for that purpose, unless they are on a visa (F-1 or J-1) incompatible with that. Lecturers whose employment ends after a semseter or two, and who do not continue on to other employment with the state, may complete a withdrawal form to recover their contributions (but not, however, the matching funds from the employer).

Two plans are in use, referred to as PERS and ABP. At this time the State of New Jersey enrolls new hires ABP (the alternate benefit plan). Enrollment forms are available to select an investment carrier; the default is TIAA-CREF.

The policies in effect may be changed by the State of New Jersey. This page refers to the rules as they stand in Spring 2009.

Instructional Information

Please review the instructional information posted for general faculty: Duties of recitation instructors, Cheating policy, Office Space/Parking, and our Instructional FAQ.

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