Mathematics Department - Calendars


Mathematics Undergraduate Program

  • Term Registration Calendar
  • Includes due dates for warning rosters. University policy states "end of 7th week"; registrar has deviated from this however.
  • Registrar's Calendar Page
  • Term calendars and a 3 year Academic Calendar
    Final Exam schedules: Fall, Spring
  • Religious Holidays
  • State of NJ List, as of Fall 08 / Spring 09.
    Islamic holidays adhere to a strict lunar calendar, Jewish holidays to a mixed lunar/solar calendar. The different forms of Easter are based on various models of lunar motion (none of them due to George Hill).
    Bahai, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Confucian, Taoist: not sure what happens.

  • Standard Class Periods
  • Staggered schedule, by campus, since Fall 2005
    Note: The 55 minute period 9* on CAC is 9:40-11:35 but it makes more sense to reschedule these recitations as 9:10-10:05 since Period 9 begins at 9:10.

  • Standard Period Combinations:

  • M1TH1 T1F1 W1F6
    M2TH2 T2F2 W2F5
    M3TH3 T3F3 W3F4
    M4W4 T4TH4  
    M5W5 T5TH5
    M6W6 T6TH6
    M7W7 T7TH7
    M8W8 T8TH8
    M9W9 T9TH9

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