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Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Students who have taken the math placement exam can see the result in Degree Navigator* under Requirements:Quantitative Skills:Type GE. These codes are:

  • MA:640:CMP
  • Computational mathematics: sections of 025 with 001 as co-requisite
  • MA:640:EAL
  • Elementary Algebra (Math 025)
  • MA:640:IAL
  • Intermediate Algebra (Math 026)
  • MA:640:IMA
  • Intermediate Mathematics (Math 026 or Math 103, 106, or 107)
  • MA:640:CMA
  • College mathematics (Math 111 or Math 104)
  • MA:640:PCA
  • Pre-calculus (Math 115 or the Math 111-112 sequence)
  • MA:640:CLG
  • Calculus 135. See an advisor if Math 151 is needed
  • MA:640:CLS
  • Calculus (135 or 151).
  • MA:640:RTS
  • Undetermined placement requiring secondary on-campus assessment. The online math placement test is just one part of the formula used to place you into the correct math level for your skills. If you received a math placement of RTS, then the test was unable to determine your exact level. Please click here to schedule your secondary assessment.

* Note: Degree Navigator is still under development and cannot be considered reliable. Critical decisions should not be made on the basis of the information on Degree Navigator. A knowledgeable advisor should be consulted.

Note: Newark Placement Codes

As of 2007 the Newark math placement results cannot be translated to New Brunswick placement results. Students who have taken the placement test at Newark, but have not taken mathematics at Newark, need to take the New Brunswick placement test if they wish to take their first mathematics course in New Brunswick.

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