Mathematical Careers and Ideas:  "When Singularities Collide: Some Wave Interactions"

Mathematical Careers and Ideas:

When Singularities Collide: Some Wave Interactions

by Prof. Michael Beals

    In Mathematical Careers and Ideas, the mathematics department is offering a series of talks for undergraduates. When Singularities Collide: Some Wave Interactions is the next event in this series.
    Michael Beals is FAS Dean for Educational Initiatives and Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University.

The Great Wave, by Beth Neville

Here is the speaker's description of his talk:

   "If we drop a stone in the middle of a still pond, we can watch the ripples move outwards. What happens when we drop several stones at once? The simplest interactions have been mathematically described for centuries, but the more complex ones involve very modern ideas which we will explore. "


Thursday, April 13; 6:50 to 8:00 PM
Hill Center, room 323, Busch Campus.   All students are welcome—and their professors too.


Illustration: The Great Wave, by Beth Neville

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