Mathematical Careers and Ideas: "Killing the Hydra"

Mathematical Careers and Ideas:
"Killing the Hydra"
by Simon Thomas

    In Mathematical Careers and Ideas, the mathematics department is offering a series of talks for undergraduates. "Killing the Hydra" is the next event in this series. It will be entertaining and fun, and at the same time it will convey some serious mathematical ideas. Hydra, Herakles

Here is the speaker's description of his talk:

  "According to Apollodorus, for his second labor, Hercules was instructed to slay the Hydra, a monster with a hundred necks, each bearing the head of a serpent. Unfortunately, when one head was cut off, the place where it was severed put forth two more, and for this reason the Hydra was considered invincible. Fortunately, the supremely intelligent Hercules devised an ingenious scheme and succeeded in killing the Hydra.   In this talk, we shall consider the question of whether a positively stupid Hercules would have been equally successful."

  The talk itself will be from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., but students are encouraged to arrive at 6:15 for an opportunity to meet other students who are interested in mathematics.


Wednesday, April 7

Hill Center, room 705, Busch Campus.

  All students are welcome---and their professors too.



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