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Part Time Lecturers

Please note that this list only shows people who are currently at the university. If someone is not listed then they might be off for the current semester or year.

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Abello, James
Photo unavailable
Amodio, James
Photo unavailable
Arias, Cecilia C
Photo unavailable
Barreto-Aranda, Victor

Benedict, Krista M.
Bielskie, Daniel J
Bouayad, Asmaa
Photo unavailable
Burns, Sandra

Cardozo, Crystina E.
Cochran, Geraldine
Photo unavailable
Collins, Eliot W.
D'Alesandro, Anthony

Photo unavailable
Dandan, Razan
Desai, Jalaj
Dougherty, James
Ebert, John J

Eliezer, David
Essilfie, Joseph K
Evans, Judith
Farro, Scott

Photo unavailable
Fisher, Randolph A.
Photo unavailable
Forgoston, Sacha
Frankie, Joseph R.
Gamova, Elena H.

Photo unavailable
Garnett, Brian
Ge, Peinan
Photo unavailable
Glennon, Mary A.
Photo unavailable
Grier, Toby

Guadagni, Joseph
Gulick, Debra E.
Haddad, Moayad
Hatami, Pooya

Photo unavailable
Horowitz, Diana F.
Hough, Crystal K.
Jobbins, Donald
Kalra, Soumya

Kamara, Abdul Rahman
Kan, Sophie
Photo unavailable
Kerrigan, John A
Kinkhabwala, Rita M.

Photo unavailable
Klein, Beth C
Photo unavailable
Klein, Richard
Limratanamongkol, Paisan
Loughman-Pawelko, Ivan

Maas, Gary L
Mackey, Glen
Mahanna, Ann P.
Marszalek, Wieslaw

Marvin, Mary C.
Photo unavailable
Monticelli, Dario
Mukherjee, Arun
Photo unavailable
Mulvey, Sally A

Nemzer, Daniel E.
Noma, Elliot
Photo unavailable
O'Connor, Brian
O'Halloran, Roger

Parmar, Davanjit
Pasnoori, Parameshwar R
Patel, Dhansukh B
Photo unavailable
Perelman, Naum

Photo unavailable
Peterson, Stephen P
Reitmann, John A
Photo unavailable
Reynolds, Guy
Ro, Je Hyun

Photo unavailable
Romano, Alfred
Ross, Arianne
Rumen, Jeffrey R
Photo unavailable
Russell, Matthew

Salamon, Joshua
Photo unavailable
Scheiman, David M.
Photo unavailable
Schwartz, Sharon A.
Schwarz, Jeffrey

Shapiro, Naomi
Shklyarevsky, Alexander
Silber, Charles
Solomon, Shulamit

Photo unavailable
Sosa, Jose
Sprague, Gabriela V.
Srinivasan, Suryakalya
Tsipenyuk, Natalya

Ulusal, Elif
Unger, Laura M
Wey, Arminda
Wilson, Evan A.

Woo, Jeffrey
Photo unavailable
Yussouf, Muhammad
Zeleke, Melkamu
Zyskin, Maxim

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