Mathematics Department - News Item: Henryk Iwaniec Receives 2001 Ostrowski Prize

News Item: Henryk Iwaniec Receives 2001 Ostrowski Prize

Professor Henryk Iwaniec, New Jersey Professor of Mathematics, has been awarded the 2001 Ostrowski Prize. The prize was also awarded to Richard Taylor (Harvard University) and Peter Sarnak (Princeton University).

The Ostrowski Prize is awarded every second year for an outstanding contribution in the field of mathematics. The Ostrowski Foundation, which awards the prize, was established by Professor A.M. Ostrowksi of Basel (1893-1986). The prize consists of 50,000 Swiss Francs for each prize winner and the possibility to nominate a promising young candidate for a Postdoctoral Fellowship of 30,000 Francs. The ceremony will take place next year in Jerusalem.

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