Math 551, Fall 2000

Math 551 will be the first semester of the standard introductory algebra course, covering group theory, factorization in commutative rings, modules over a PID, and related topics. The textbook is Serge Lang's Algebra (third edition). Notices and assignments will appear on this page.

Instructor: Richard Lyons. Office hours: Tuesday 4th period in Hill 236, or by appointment.

Assignment 1, due 9/14 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 2, due 9/28 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 3, due 10/5 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 4, due 10/17 (.dvi) (.pdf) (.ps)

Assignment 5, due 10/24 (.dvi) (.pdf) (.ps)

Assignment 6, due 11/9 (.dvi) (.pdf) (.ps)

Assignment 7, due 11/21 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 8, due 12/12 (.dvi) (.pdf) (.ps)

Some of my lecture notes: (use these at your own risk, they are not carefully checked!)
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