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No further work to be handed in.
Please study for the final exam.
The review session on Thursday, May 8, will start at 3 PM and be held in Hill 525.

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What is it?Handed out
or posted
The final exam, in a more compact form The final exam is graded and I am currently striving to give course grades. Information about the results is available. 5/12/2003
Formula sheet for the final exam One additional correction made, thanks to Mr. Elkholy. 5/8/2003
Preparation for the final Review material for the final exam. Here are the links promised there: answers to the four problems on the review sheet; last semester's final exam; exams in a similar course at MIT 5/5/2003
The bat and the slug A problem to do in class 4/24/2003
Answers to the second exam. Brief versions of answers. 4/22/2003
The second exam, in a compact form The point values in problems 1 and 2 are correct (a shift of 1 point). Information about the results is available. 4/22/2003
Formulas to be given out for the second exam The second exam formula sheet 4/16/2003
Review problems for the second exam These were given out last semester. Some solutions are available. 4/12/2003
And another workshop ... This one is due on 4/10. 4/3/2003
Answers to the first exam. Brief versions of answers. 3/16/2003
The formula sheet for the first exam One small addition was made to the draft. 3/16/2003
The first exam in a compact form. One misprint was corrected (. changed to , in problem 8). Information about the results is available. 3/16/2003
Workshop #7 The next set of workshop problems, each of which is interesting and interesting to study. Students should certainly read all of the problems. 3/12/2003
Some Lagrange multiplier exampeles This is the algebraic analysis of some nonroutine Lagrange multiplier problems. These pages also contain the Maple commands to create pictures which were handed out. Gif versions of these pictures are also available on old web pages. 3/12/2003
Review problems for the first exam This is a set of review problems for the first exam. Some solutions to these problems are now available. Please note that an analogous extensive review sheet with most solutions exists for the fall instantiation of this course, and an actual first exam with solutions also exists. Remember, however, that "There are some differences in emphasis and content between the fall 291 course and this course."
The review session date has been corrected: Tuesday, March 11.
Draft formula sheet A draft of a formula sheet for the first exam. Comments and corrections are invited. 3/5/2003
Playing with the chain rule Simple (?) exercises to do in class using data about differentiable functions. 2/27/2003
Workshop #6 Please another, this one to be done individually, please, and handed in Wednesday, March 5. 2/26/2003
Workshop #5 Yet another one, to be handed in Wednesday, February 26. 2/19/2003
Answer to the computational exercise about space curves Students' answers varied a great deal. Here is my conception of the answers, and, perhaps more importantly, my computational strategy. 2/19/2003
Computational exercise about space curves Students should work on this and hand it in on Wednesday, February 12.
Current computational answers may be here.
Workshop #4 The fourth workshop. Students may work on the problems individually or in pairs. Problem solutions are due on Monday, February 17.
Added 2/20: Problem 3 did not state that the oval racetrack was entirely made up of line segements and circular arcs! It does not appear so to me! Perhaps the problem statement should have emphasized that fact, and/or should have added the information that the curvature of the track is smooth. Perhaps.
Workshop #3 The third workshop. Students may work on the problems individually or in groups. Problem solutions are due on Monday, February 10. 2/5/2003
Workshop #2 The second workshop. Students must had in joint work on these problems. 1/29/2003
Information sheet A sheet to be passed out on the first day of class. 1/22/2003
Workshop #1 The first workshop. I would like students to write up solutions individually to these problems.
Information about binomial coefficients is available here or here.
Google reports 7,960 pages in response to the words "binomial coefficients counting".


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