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Brooke Logan Ogrodnik, Ph.D.

"Do or Do Not, There is No Try" ~Yoda

I graduated from Rutgers in May 2021 with a PhD in Mathematics and before that was at Rowan University where in 2015 I received a B.S. in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.

This website is just a record of my time at Rutgers and Rowan. It discusses some of the fun projects I was involved with as well as organizations/seminars that you should consider attending!

Little Bits

Office Hours: N/A
My Materials: Resume, CV

My Path to Erdős: Paul Erdős → David Jeffrey Vaaler → Michael J. Mossinghoff → Brooke Logan

Research Interests

My research interests include Thin Groups, Local-Global Conjectures and Hyperbolic Geometry. I was admitted into candidacy in Fall 2018 using the following syllabus. Currently, I am working on a Local-Global Conjecture for a specific thin group. For a brief overview of my project, feel free to watch the video I made for the 2020 Elevating Mathematics video competition below or play with the interactive app I created here. All code is up to date on the project's GitHub repository. A preprint for the paper can be found on ArXiv.

Expository Notes

Two examples of compact arithmetic surfaces   [PDF]

Some Talks and Posters Given

  • "A Local-Global Conjuecture for Thin Groups" talk at the Rutgers Graduate Number Theory Seminar/Learning Seminar, March 2020
  • “Illustrating Thin Groups” poster during the Illustrating Number Theory and Algebra Workshop at ICERM, October 2019
  • “Group Symmetries of Complementary Code Matrices” talk at the Combinatorics and Computer Algebra Conference, July 2015
  • “Raising the Bound on the Circulant Hadamard Matrix Conjecture” talk at the Garden State Undergraduate Math Conference, April 2015
  • “Equivalency classes of Complementary code matrices” SIAM Talk at George Mason University, March 2015
  • “Symmetry Groups and Constructions of Complementary Code Matrices” poster at the Rowan University Stem Symposium Poster, April 2014 Session


Group Symmetries of Complementary Code Matrices

with Hieu D. Nguyen
  • IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
  • October 2016
  • 2255-2262
View Here

Double Wieferich pairs and circulant Hadamard matrices

with Michael J. Mossinghoff
  • Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing
  • May 2017
  • 145-156
View Here

Row-Correlation Function: A New Approach to Complementary Code Matrices

with Greg E. Coxson and Hieu D. Nguyen
  • Proceedings of 52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing
  • October 2014
  • 1357-1361
View Here

Some things I am involved in


I used to run this Number Theory seminar. For up to date information about it, check out here.

Invitations to Industry

Designed to connect organizations with PhDs from universities in the Erdős Institute network. More information can be found here.

AMS Graduate Chapter

As the president of the chapter, my goal was to bring talks to the graduate students that are new and help in career building. More information can be found here.

Liaison Committee

The committee organizes: graduate student open house, coffee hour, graduate school fair, etc. Direct questions to


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Fall 2015-Spring 2021 - Graduate University

Admitted to Candidacy in November 2018

Defended my Dissertation in March 2021

Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

Fall 2012-Spring 2015 - Undergraduate University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Concentration in Applied Math, and a Minor in Computer Science.

Triton Regional High School, Runnemede, NJ

Fall 2007-Spring 2012 - High School

Graduated Salutatorian

Coding Languages

While I once knew Java, it has been a while since I have used it and am most comfortable coding in C++ and Python. I have also completed a Bootcamp on Data Science/Machine Learning. The certificate of completion can be found here

Math Technology

LaTeX - 90%

Mathematica - 90%

Microsoft Office - 70%


Janice Pattwell Annual Mathematics Fellowship Award

Fall 2020

AMS Rutgers Student Chapter Award for Leadership

Spring 2020

Rowan University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Spring 2015

James M. Shafer Excellence in Mathematics Award

Spring 2015

Dean’s Outstanding Senior Award

Spring 2015

Outstanding Junior Math Major Award

Spring 2014

Spring 2021

This was my last semester teaching and I was a TA for an asynchronous version of Calc 152.

Past Courses I Taught/TA-ed For

Spring 2020: Math 250 Linear Algebra- TA at Large for 2 sections
Summer 2019: Math 356 Theory of Numbers- Principle Instructor, Syllabus
Summer 2018: Math 152 Calculus II for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences- Principle Instructor, Syllabus
Spring 2018: Math 151 Calculus I for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences- Teaching Assistant for 3 sections
Fall 2017: Math 152 Calculus II for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences- Teaching Assistant for 3 sections
Spring 2017: Math 300 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning- Grader for Homeworks
Fall 2016: Math 300 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning- Grader for Homeworks

Student Survey (SIRS)

Here is just a few of my favorite comments in my teaching reviews. You can click and drag right to see more. Clearly, I am biased toward these specific ones, but all of my reviews can be viewed at the links located at the bottom of the page. I take these surveys to heart and am constantly trying to improve as an instructor.

SIRS Surveys: Summer 2019, Summer 2018, Spring 2018 Section 23 , Spring 2018 Section 24, Spring 2018 Section 25, Fall 2017 Section 10, Fall 2017 Section 11, and Fall 2017 Section 12

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