Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating
(Online Survey - Sakai)
Logan Brooke

Summer 2018, 01:640:152:F1 — CALC II MATH/PHYS (index #00664)
Enrollment= 24, Responses= 10

Part A: University-wide Questions:
Student Responses Weighted Means
No response
Section Course Level Dept
1. The instructor was prepared for class and presented the material in an organized manner. 0 0 0 3 7 0 4.70 4.53 4.69 4.62
2. The instructor responded effectively to student comments and questions. 0 1 0 3 6 0 4.40 4.39 4.57 4.54
3. The instructor generated interest in the course material. 0 1 1 3 5 0 4.20 4.25 4.47 4.40
4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward assisting all students in understanding course material. 0 0 0 3 7 0 4.70 4.59 4.67 4.61
5. The instructor assigned grades fairly. 1 1 4 2 2 0 3.30 4.02 4.34 4.39
6. The instructional methods encouraged student learning. 0 0 4 1 5 0 4.10 4.24 4.46 4.40
7. I learned a great deal in this course. 0 1 1 2 6 0 4.30 4.24 4.50 4.45
8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject matter and wanted to take this course. 2 0 3 3 2 0 3.30 3.37 3.25 3.48
9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the instructor as: 0 0 3 3 4 0 4.10 4.24 4.45 4.45
10. I rate the overall quality of the course as: 0 1 3 3 3 0 3.80 4.00 4.15 4.26

What do you like best about this course?:

Learning about series.

Learning applications of math / workshops


the approachability of the teacher

Quizes - kept you on track and gave you a good idea of how you were doing before the exams

The course was fun and I learned a lot better than my previous calc classes.

I thought the examples in class were most helpful.

Even though this course moved fast, never did I feel like i was being rushed through the material.

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

Not learn complex numbers.

Less proofs

less workshops

Rather than making the problems difficult and the grading criteria difficult, I would choose between one of the two options. It would have been nice for average material to be graded difficultly or difficult material to be graded more easily. This only really applies because this is a summer class.

- I would go a little faster through proofs and spend more time on examples - Have students more engaged by asking them to to do examples on board

I wouldn't grade as strictly but it was fair.

Although webassign is something that is good for practice basic concepts and arithmetic, it doesn’t help with exams or extensive knowledge of the material. I liked the workshops because it drives thinking a little further. However, instead of having workshops due weekly, maybe have book work due weekly that would help prepare us for the exam better because having webassign and workshops and optionally book work is a lot and sometimes I’m not sure which suggested problems will be most beneficial in doing.

Get rid of pop quizzes

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

Writing out formal assignments.

Answering questions in the beginning of class

by making me work

In no clear way

I learned a lot on how to go through math problems differently or more effectively.

I think Brooke does a great job in creating creative ways to go about problems.

Keep grinding through even if at anytime it looks bleak.

Other comments or suggestions::

The quizzes didnt help. Workshops graded too strictly. Webassign needs to be more fair.

No one in their right mind should be this excited about teaching calculus.

more review material before the exam would have been nice


Overall great instructor. Grading is a little harsh at times considering how hard the course is, I think as long as the concept is understood, any remedial errors shouldn’t be penilized so brutally.