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 Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University
 Hill Center, Busch Campus
 Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019
 Phone: (848)-445-6794 Ext.56794
 Fax: (732)-445-5530
 Office Hours: No office hours this academic year



MA251 (old, for reference only)
MA491 (Problem solving seminar)
Rutgers Geometry/Topology Seminar
Jeff Weeks' topology and geometry software
The Geometry Junkyard
Fourier Animations
Conference Photos
Binghamton Flood
China Conference
Bedlewo (Poland) Conference
Banff Conference
Dubrovnik Conference
Mexico Trip
As seen on EweTube
Favorite Links  
Paul Baum sings the BC Blues


Steve's Online Preprints

Abstract Stable compactifications of polyhedra 400K Download
Abstract Limits of polyhedra in Gromov-Hausdorff space 485K Download
Abstract On the Higson-Roe Corona (with A. N. Dranishnikov) 560K Download
Abstract A survey of Wall's finiteness obstruction (with A. Ranicki) 656K Download
Abstract Topology of homology manifolds (with Bryant, Mio, and Weinberger) 639K Download
Abstract Epsilon-delta surgery over Z Download
Abstract Desingularizing homology manifolds (with Bryant, Mio, and Weinberger) Download
Abstract An etale approach to the Novikov Conjecture (with Dranishnikov and Weinberger) Download
Abstract Bounded rigidity of manifolds and asymptotic dimension growth (with Chang and Yu) Download
Abstract Volume Growth, De Rham Cohomology and the Higson Compactification Download
Abstract UV^k-Mappings on Homology Manifolds (with Bryant and Mio) Download
Abstract Cell-Like Maps and Topological Structure Groups on Manifolds (with Dranishnikov) Download
Abstract Geometric Topology Notes Download
Abstract The rational classification of links of codimension > 2 (with D. Crowley and M. Skopenkov) Download
Abstract Reconstructing functions from random samples (with K. Mischaikow and V. Nanda) Download
Abstract Quantitative algebraic topology and Lipschitz homotopy (with S. Weinberger) Download
Abstract An Infinite-Dimensional Phenomenon in Finite-Dimensional Topology (with A. N. Dranishnikov and S. Weinberger) Download

Audrey Ferry's thesis:

Preface Topological characterizations for logic programming semantics 331K Download

This is Vivian Ferry raking leaves. The tennis court is not ours.

If you think Audrey and Ken Ferry deserve equal time, click here or here or here.


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