Here are some pictures that I took at various conferences last summer. Clicking on them will get you larger images.

There are some other pictures if you want to skip the math stuff.

Bob Edwards and Ric Ancel in Milwaukee

Group Photo in Milwaukee

Kent Orr, Bruce Williams, and Tomas Schick in Boulder

The Continental Divide

Larry and Po's birthday party in Paris

The Homeomorphism Group
(Edwards, Siebenmann, Kirby, and Cernavskii)

Downtown Melbourne at night

St. Kilda's Beach (Australia) in winter!

In front of the Hotel Adriatico, Trieste

Maximillian's Palace

Miramare Park

Max's palace, again. It's good to be king.

Roman aquaduct in Israel

Old city, Jerusalem

Danish coast and sailboat

More Danish boats

For those of you who are still game, here are some more math photos.