Favorite Links

Mark Harden's Artchive

Chinese Painting

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Hubble Heritage Project
Museum of Bad Art
If you're tired of classy stuff, try this. The Lawlor and Daly Galleries are special.

Rutgers Maps




Washington Post's Comics

Andy Nicas' Topologists and Geometers page

Penn State's Math Directory
Problem Solving with Maple
Foreign Exchange Rates

Takoma Narrows Bridge This is the famous "Galloping Gertie."

Lighting a Barbecue grill using 3 pounds of liquid oxygen. See
George Goble's homepage for a movie (20 megs quicktime) and cautionary notes.

Knots -- with lots of pretty pictures.

3D-Filmstrip gallery and application

Math in the Movies -- Thanks to Karrolyne Fogel for this one

Sphere Eversion How to turn a basketball inside out without making a kink.
on sphere eversions. Another sphere eversion page.

Paul Baum sings the BC Blues

The exponential map on z = x2+y2.

Mathematics Archive

Klein bottles

Famous Curves Index