Jason Saied

I am now a Postdoctoral Researcher with KBR, Inc. at NASA Ames Research Center. I work on quantum computing with the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL).
Email: jjs435@scarletmail.rutgers.edu.
PhD obtained in May 2022
Rutgers University—New Brunswick
Advisor: Siddhartha Sahi
My CV as of May 2022

Research Interests

My current research interests are in quantum computing. A more detailed description, with a preprint, will hopefully be coming soon.

My thesis was in algebraic combinatorics and representation theory. For a more detailed description, see my academic research statement.

My thesis research applies a result of Ram and Yip to give a combinatorial formula for SSV polynomials, a simultaneous generalization of Macdonald polynomials and metaplectic Whittaker functions discovered by Sahi, Stokman, and Venkateswaran. Here is the resulting paper, published in Advances in Mathematics:

A combinatorial formula for Sahi, Stokman, and Venkateswaran's generalization of Macdonald polynomials

Here is the arXiv version (not fully updated). Recordings of my talks on this work can be found here and here.

Courses taught (with links to evaluations where available):

Other teaching experiences:

Graduate Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar (GARTS)

Directed Reading Program (DRP)

Invitations to Industry

Graduate Student—Faculty Liaison Committee

Graduate Student Pizza Seminar