Math 551, Fall 2002

Math 551 will be the first semester of the standard introductory algebra course, covering group theory, factorization in commutative rings, modules over a PID, and related topics. The textbook is Serge Lang's Algebra (revised third edition). Notices and assignments will appear on this page.

Instructor: Richard Lyons. Office hours: Friday 11:10-12:30 in Hill 236, or by appointment.

Assignment 1, due 9/18 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 2, due 10/2 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 3, due 10/16 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 4, due 10/25 (.dvi) (.pdf)

Assignment 5, due 11/6 (.dvi) (.pdf) NOTE! This has been extended till 11/6, one problem has been added, and problem 6 has been corrected.

Assignment 6, due 11/20 (.dvi) (.pdf) Note! Extended to 11/20.

Assignment 7, due 12/2 in my mailbox (.dvi) (.pdf)

The following lecture notes may be helpful, though they do not exactly transcribe the lectures; there are extra items, omissions, and (beware!) surely some mistakes. Thanks to all who have found and corrected errors.

The final exam will be given on Monday, Dec. 16 from 12:30 to 3:30 in Hill 705.

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