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Last Update: Dec. 6, 2020.

Added June 23, 2020: Thanks to the efforts of Gadi Aleksandrowicz, the archives of the Heberew periodical "Gilyonot le-matematika", for "high school students and amateurs" (edited, for many years, by my mentor, Joe Gillis z"l), and its successors, Etgar, and most recently, Net-gar (edited by my good friend Ron Aharoni yla"a), are back here, until they find a more permaent place. I believe that this is very improtant, not only mathematically, but historically. Thanks Gadi!

Look up the home page of my beloved servant Shalosh B. Ekhad .

Explore the websites of my current PhD student

  • Robert Dougerty-Bliss, current student.

  • Alison "AJ" Bu, current student [co-advised with Angela Gibney].

    and the Home Pages of my brilliant former students Tewodros Amdeberhan, Moa Apagodu, Arvind Ayyer, Andrew Baxter, Emilie (b. Hogan) Purvine, John Majewicz, Brian Nakamura , John Noonan, Lara Pudwell, Paul Raff, Aaron Robertson, , Akalu Tefera, Thotsaporn Aek Thanatipanonda , Vince Vatter, Xiangdong Wen, (The Computer-Renju World Champion!) and Melkamu Zeleke . Matthew Russell, Nathan Fox, and Anthony Zaleski.

    Added July 26, 2018: I love this great website by Torsten Mutze and his collaborators that quite a few combinatorial algorithms, including his seminal algorithm that proved the Middle Level Conjecture for a Hamitonian Cycle in the two middle levels of the Boolean lattice.

    Added June 23, 2017: I LOVE David Wilding's great Clear the Deck website, that lets you generate intriguing integer sequences by clearing a deck of cards by any rule you make up.

    I am also honored and pleased to have been on the International Advisory Board of Thales+Friends.
    I love to brouse in Eric's Treasure Troves , Eric Weisstein's monumental feat, that contained a lot of fascinating mathematics, including entries on `Wilf-Zeilberger pair' , `Zeilberger algorithm', and the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture.

    Eric also has very illuminating bios of notable scientists, like Pythagoras, Archimedes, Newton, Einstein, and Zeilberger , among others.

    I also REALLY love the extremely instructive and entertaining is the beautifully written Cut the Knot site of Alex Bogomolny.

    Whenever I am down, I browse through Neil Sloane's Amazing Collection of Integer Sequences , and it never fails to cheer me up. I also love Inverse Symbolic Calculator, continuing the pioneering work of Simon Plouffe.

    Matthew Watkins has compiled a very interesting site on Physics and the Riemann Hypothesis , and also collected cute quotations.
    Be sure to visit the revolutionary Center for Experimental and Computational Mathematics that has tons of intriguing papers and links to such gurus as Jon and Peter Borwein, and Maple whiz Mike Monagan.

    Added Oct. 26, 2011: See Jon Borwein's current page;
    Added Aug. 4, 2016: Jon Borwein, sadly, died on Aug. 1, 2016; Let's hope that his great website will live for ever.

    Equally revolutionary, birthplace of SPECIES (the most fruitful unifying concept in enumerative combinatorics of this quarter-century), is LACIM that has links to the masters Francois Bergeron, Pierre Leroux, Gilbert and Jacque Labelle, Christophe Reutenauer, and the one-and-only Simon Plouffe.

    I strongly recommend INRIA , Birthplace of Automated Average Case Analysis, the extremely useful and versatile Maple package gfun, and the Seat of gurus Phillipe Flajolet(1948-2011) and Bruno Salvy, and emerging guru Frederic Chyzak.

    Equally useful is the very versatile ACE (Algebraic Combinatorics Environment) project, under the baton of Sebastien Veigneau.

    I very much admire the innovative and pioneering duchy of Guru Bruno Buchberger, RISC-Linz, the amazing harbinger of the 21st century that is housed in a medieval castle.

    Added June 20, 2008: Check out Robin Whitty's gorgeous Theorems Of the Day site!

    Sometimes I like to look up the list of talented expositors who won MAA's Lester R. Ford Award, and the list of great mathematicians who received the AMS's Leroy P. Steele Prize.

    Whenever I feel that my students do not appreciate me, I go and read the very kind unsolicited letters of my former students Ben Philips and Greg Walters.

    I am very proud to be on Olivier Gerard's List of the (about) Thirty Most Influential Living Mathematicians.

    Help yourself to the home pages of some of my dear friends, that in turn (might) point to (friends)^2 etc. ...

    Noga Alon, One of the greatest graph theorists, combinatorists, and complexitists of all time. Ghostwriter of A.Nilli's brilliant and extremely elegant short papers.

    Andrew Appel, Brilliant Programming-Linguist, ML-er, and compiler of compiler know-how.

    Henk Barendregt, Great Lambda Calculator and very profound foundationalist.

    Dror Bar-Natan, who can solve lots of knotty problems with his astounding insight into Topology, Quantum Field Theory, and Combinatorics.

    Tomek Bartoszynski, a good logician and set-theorist, but not as good NSF program director.

    George Bell, a Peg-Solitaire World-Class Maven.

    Arthur Benjamin, amazing mathemagician and first-rate bijectionist.

    Nantel Bergeron, deep and original algebraic combinatorialist.

    Sara Billey, Very powerful algebraic combinatorialist, of Schubert polynomials fame.

    Michael BosherNitzan(1950-2019), an infinitely skilled infinitarian, and a very dynamical dynamical-systemer.

    Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, amazing `whiz-kid' of combinatorial statistical physics, polyomino-polymath and courageous animal-tamer, who is now the uncontested queen of combinatoire énumerative. [see the prince]

    David Bresssoud, great combinatorist, number-theorist, and pedagogue.

    Gregory Chaitin, The meta-mathematical Giant who taught us how little we know, or will ever know, and why it is not so tragic.

    Robin Chapman, The unbeatable World's Champion in Mathematical Problem Solving.

    Bill Chen, The brilliant dynamical founding editor of Annals of Combinatoriocs, who is developing a great school of Enumeration in China.

    Frederic Chyzak, one of the greatest Holonomists in the world, and an emerging leader of 21st-century Computer Algebra (==21st-century Math).

    Benoît Cloitre, An amazing experimental mathematician.

    Leo Corry, profound historian and philosopher of math, who pointed out Bourbaki's (this one subconscious) most serious abuse of notation (the notion of structre).

    John Cosgrave , A prime primer, and veryinnovative experimental number-theorist (and a Maple whiz)

    Robert Dougherty-Bliss a very promising young mathematician, with a fascinating blog.

    Apostolos Doxiadis, The Father of the legendary Uncle Petros, of Goldbach fame, and a great paramathematician.

    Richard Ehrenborg, great combinatorist, juggler, and combinatorial jugler.

    Phillipe Flajolet(Dec. 1, 1948-March 22, 2011), who was the fearless Guru of Average Case Analysis, and a great asymptotician and unambigious formal linguist.

    Dominique Foata, who revolutionized classical combinatorics at least twice, from where you can download many of his great papers. (See also the page of FoataFest, A conference in honor of Dominique Foata's 65th Birthday,that took place July 7-9, 2000,)

    Aviezri Fraenkel, Combinatorial Games Guru, Eminent Information Retriever "vetalmid kacham gadol" (great scholar)

    Stavros Garoufalidis, Brilliant and colorful Knotter.

    Adriano Garsia, Eminent analyst who became one of the Fonding Fathers of Algebraic Combinatorics.

    Frank Garvan, brilliant hypergeometer, q-ist, and master cranker. Also an amazing Maple whiz.

    Ira Gessel, of Gessel-Viennot fame, a very deep and versatile enumerator.

    W. Timothy Gowers, A brilliant (and very cultured) Problem-Solver, each of whose solved problems is worth a thousand theories.

    Sidharth Ghoshal, A very creative math undergraduate!

    Bill Gosper, The GURU. See his awsome identities page,

    Andrew Granville, Visionary Number Theorist (and combinatorist!) of Carmichael fame.

    Darij Grinberg, A true wunderkind, who a.s. will do great things in math.

    Jesús Guillera is an adventerous Sumemr of Pi and a modern incarnation of Ramanujan (but with a computer!). Here is his remarkable Ph.D thesis written under the direction of Wadim Zudilin.

    Gil Kalai, A Convex Revolutionary.

    Bahman Kalantari, An amazing and versatile Algorithmic Artist, of Polynomiogrpahy fame.

    Jean-Michel Kantor, The antithesis to the narrow-minded mathematical specialist, a maven in mathematics, culture, and history.

    Organic Mathematics, Moshe Klein's innovative site

    Guru Don Knuth, the Diderot and Guttenberg of the computer age.

    Wolfram Koepf, A Maple, Mathematica, and Hyper WZ, Wizard.

    Tom Koornwinder, A very deep and brilliant specialfunctionary.

    Christian Krattenthaler, Maestro of piano, computer algebra, hypergeometrics, q-, combinatorics, and determinants

    Alain Lascoux(1944-2013), brilliant and very original Algebraic Combinatorics Guru.

    Daniel Loeb, A great Voting Schemer and Umbral Calculuser; a scion of the Maharal from Prague.

    Toufik Mansour, An amazingly prolific (and deep!) enumerator.

    Yuri Matiyasevich, The Immortal Disprover of Hilbert's 10th.

    Jon McCammond, Brilliant Combinatorial Topologist, and dynamic co-organizer of CombinaTexas

    Luis A. Medina, Emerging leader in Experimental Mathematics.

    Victor Moll, an Irresistible Integrator and Summer.

    Paul Nevai, Great Approximator and disciple of Szego and Askey.

    Michael Nielsen, Young and Energetic Quantum Informatician, and keepr of a fascinating academic Blog.

    Amy Novick-Cohen, A brilliant non-materialistic Materialistic Mathemtician, who knows the difference between Order and Disorder and excells at both.

    Andrew Odlyzko, Perhaps the greatest Computational Mathematican, great asymptotician, and profound thinker of the Electronic Age.

    Ken Ono, Excellent Number Theorist (but not quite so excellent managing editor of PAMS)

    Christos Papadimitriou, a Playful (and literary!) CS giant, who optimizes so optimally.

    Peter Paule, One of the greatest WZ-ist and Combinatorial Computer-Algebraists in the world, of Paule-symmetrization and Enhanced Gosper fame.

    John Allen Paulos, The wittiest mathematician in the world, who applies math to debunk baloney.

    Marko Petkovsek, Of A=B fame, thanks to whom we now know to decide whether or not a linear difference equation does have closed form.

    Simon Plouffe, One of the greatest mathematicians of the 3rd millenium, that luckily, landed on this planet ahead of schedule. His Inverse Symbolic Calculator, is one of the seven wonders of Future Time.

    Karliss Podnieks, one of the few people in the world who understand what mathematics is all about.

    Helmut Prodinger, who is a very original and energetic combinatorialist, algorithm-analyser, and computer algebra whiz.

    Jim Propp, Chief Dominoer, who initiated Aztecmania.

    R.S.J. Reddy, A very original Pi scholar, that dares defy the conventional wisdom that Pi is not algebraic. In fact, according to Dr. Reddy, it is (14-2^(1/2))/4.

    Yuval Roichman, Very versatile algebraic combinatorist, random walker, spectral graph-theorist and Ibn-Ezra scholar.

    Ariel Rubinstein, Bargaining Guru.

    Drew Sills, Brilliant paritioner and algorithmic q-ist, who finitized (and hence "trivialized", in a good way!) Lucy Slater's famous list.

    Shai Simonson, A very talented computer scientist, mathematical `Geographer' (he co-authored (with A. Fraenkel), an article about the Geography game), mathematical historian (he is an expert on the first enumerator, Levi Ben Gerson), and pedagogue (look up his outstanding paper on how to read math!)

    Michael Singer, Of Differntial (and Difference!) Galois theory fame, a very deep algorithmic analyst and computer algebra guru.

    Neil Sloane, Great Coder, Packer, Tiler, and Sequence Collector.

    Michael Somos, of Somos Sequence fame, a great mathematician and hacker.

    Richard Stanley, The `Godfather' of the Algebraic Combinatorics Mafia. (Academic) Father and Grandfather of so many brilliant combinatorialists.

    Dennis Stanton, Great Hyper-Geometerer and all-around Bijective Combinatorialists.

    John Stembridge, Brilliant and deep algebraic combinatorialist, who is also a great Maple hacker. Of SF fame.

    Bob Sulanke, :``Some paths to knowledge use paths.''

    Zhi-Wei Sun, a very versatile and deep combinatorial number theorist.

    Ilan Vardi , one of the greatest Mathematica whizes in the world and brilliant number theorist, recreational mathematician, combinatorialist, and ancient mathematician.

    Xavier Viennot, the great master of enumeration, and the best lecturer that I have ever known! (See his 1992 lectures: part 1, part 2 )

    Herb Wilf (1931-2012), who was an eminent triple analyst [mathematical, numerical, and combinatorial].

    Wadim Zudilin, a brilliant, very rational expert on irrationality, and many other things in number theory and beyond.

    The Groundlessness of Infinity, a masterpiece by Emmanuel Xagorarakis. Here is another masterpiece by Emmanuel Xagorarakis Here is the link for the Amazon books by Emmanuel Xagorarakis .

    My brilliant daughter, Hadas Zeilberger has a crystal-clear tutorial about creating a user interface with React Native.
    She also, along with Lisa Stiller, developed this amazing website and app

    Noam Zeilberger, my brilliant nephew.

    My wife's brilliant nephew, William H. Lagrange won the 2009 Philo S. Bennet Medal Essay competition at the Univ. of South Carolina. Here is his brilliant essay.

    Last, but not least, read the poems , the stories The Haunted House , and The Computer Revolution , and more recently (Aug. 1, 2009) the Dvar Torah of my youngest daughter, Hadas Zeilberger (b. Dec. 19, 1990).

    My beloved wife Jane D. Legrange does not have a homepage, but you should look up her lecture in the famous Lucent Bell Labs's World of Science Lecture Series, and patents.
    She was (2006-2009) a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Center of Princeton. On Aug. 9, 2008, she gave a great ד ב ר   ת ו ר ה (Dvar Torah), at the Jewish Center of Princeton, NJ. About two years later, she gave another Dvar Torah, at least as good, and she really surpassed herself, by giving, on Aug. 3, 2013, yet another Dvar Torah.

    yet another Dvar Torah. was given on Aug. 15, 2020.

    Also read Jane Legranage 27 Kislev 5774 Bible Baboker handout about Teshuvah and Destiny

    On Oct. 1, 2010 (simchat torah) she was honored by the Princeton Jewish Center as כ ל ת   ב ר א ש י ת and on that occasion, former synagogue president Richard Fishbane wrote a lovely song, The Great LeGranger.

    Jane is Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at LGS Bell Labs Innovations.

    Added July 29, 2003: Go and Explore Princeton's geniuses, by following Hadas Zeilberger's Walking Tour through Princeton's geniuses.

    Added July 17, 2004: Find out who lived on Wilson Road, Princeton.

    Added Nov. 20, 2004: Find out which of the "top twenty" schools have A=B, and which don't.

    Added May 31, 2014: Read Global Waters, where Celia Zeilberger was editor-in-chief.

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