POEMS By HADAS ZEILBERGER (b. Dec. 19, 1990)

Last Update: Feb. 22, 2002.

[Hadas Zeilberger]


Written: Dec. 1998

December is a snowy month
It snows all the time
and when it stops, it keeps on going
Either rain or shine
But still be happy, cause' spring is coming
When the groundhog says it is time

The Butterfly

Written: April 1999.

This butterfly is  very quite 
He flies in a flutter 
He's going on a diet 
This butterfly is the best butterfly of all
He flies in a flutter
Like a leaf would fall


Written: April 1999.

Nature is Nature
Trees are Trees
Grass is Grass,
and that's all that.
Flowers are Flowers,
They are very pretty,
Nature is our environment,
It's not a pity.

The Brook

Written: May 2000.
                       I feel the coolness of the water on my face
I slow down as I get there to an even pace
                   I walk on the rocks then sit next to the stream.
The sun shining on me gives a great gleam       
                    I step in the water the coolness hits my feet
Then just for fun I give a great leap.
 As the wather splashes on to the rocks I see a butterfly fly  to the north    
                           That is a brook


Written: Jan. 2002.

 Reading,  reading
  words in a book
 put them together
  and take a look
   in to a place
   far, far away
maybe a different time
 where you can say
that this place is nicer
  then reality can be
   nicer than nice
where I'm filled with glee

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