The Great LeGranger

By Richard Fishbane

[Sung to the tune of "the great pretender"]

Oh yes, she's the Great LeGranger
Pretending to be just another Jane
For her modesty is such
She doesn't like to show too much
There's nothing about Jane that's very plain.

Oh yes, she's the Great LeGranger
Pretending she's not a Physics PHD
From her research you would kvell
Working in labs once known as Bell
Accomplishments her friends will never see

Too real that she's surrounded by folks with Hebrew names
Too real she likes the Torah more than the Bible from King James

Oh yes, she's the Great Legranger
Pretending she's not a macher at the shul
About her Board work, she's discreet
She was even Kallah Bereishit
In every adult ed class, her insights rule

(repeat first verse)

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