The Haunted House

By Hadas Zeilberger
Grade 5
Johnson Park Elementary

First Published in the Princeton Packet, Oct. 23, 2001, page A4, "Kids' corner".

Runner up in the 2001 Princeton Packet Halloween scary story contest.

"Did you hear the rumor about a ghost in school?" Jacob asked his best friend Josh. It was Wed. Oct. 31st, Halloween. Josh was in a bad mood at the moment because someone had stolen everything in his locker. "A ghost in school?" Josh asked as he snorted. "And you believe it?" "Well, yeah", replied Jacob. "Well, I'll just have to find out. I'll go there tonight." "I-I wouldn't do Th-that", Jacob said shaking slightly. Josh laughed. "Well if I'm not in school tomorrow, then you'll know the rumors are true." Jacob looked at him, mouth slightly open, wide-eyed with fear.

"Don't worry Jacob, nothing is going to happen." "Wanting to change the subject, Josh said, I think that there will be a new kid today." All of a sudden the bell rang. The boys quickly picked up their stuff and ran to class.

After school when everyone was getting ready for Halloween, Josh set out to the "Haunted House." Wilson Rd. happened to be only a block away so it wasn't a far walk. Josh searched for 85. There was 95...75...85. He looked at the house. It was the weirdest color. BRIGHT GREEN!. The green paint was almost peeled off. And on the black door paint was peeled off as well. The high clear windows were smashed as if someone punched a hole through them. Josh knocked on the door. No answer. He opened it slightly. A deep deafening creak was the response. He walked all the way in, the door shutting behind him.

"Why, hello, Josh. I knew you would be here." Josh was so frightened and surprised he couldn't speak. By the way, I am the one who stole your locker. And right before his eyes was his locker stuff. The ghost immediately changed into the new kid.

"Robert", Josh exclaimed. But Robert was a ghost again. And I, the person telling the story, have no clue what happened after that. Except that Josh was never seen again.