The Ancestors of Doron Zeilberger (born July 2, 1950) and of his brother Gil Zeilberger

Compiled by Doron Zeilberger

First Written: Nov. 28, 1999.

Last Update: Sept. 18, 2022, (thanks to Matthias Poppe)

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Other Interesting Relatives

Normally, only a direct ancestor gets a page of their own, and all my n^th cousins m-times-removed (m,n positive integers) are mentioned in the page of our closest-common-ancestor. However, four individuals in my extended family deserve special pages:

Posted Feb. 8, 2003: Find out about Gitti Weiss's 90th Birthday Party .

I would like to thank Mrs. Cordula Kappner, director of Landkreis Hassberge Library, and Mr. Buettner, from Heustreu,for kindly supplying much of the information in this page. I would also like to thank my aunt Brigitte Weiss, and my cousin Ada Weiss, for information about my mother's ancestors. I also wish to thank (May 30, 2000) my fifth-cousin, David Schwager, for kindly allowing me to post the .rtf file containing the descendants of Regina Schonemann. I also wish to thank (Aug. 13, 2000), Professor Dr. Josef Hesselbach, archivist of the State Archives of Wuerzburg, for extensive information about the ancestors from Unsleben. I would also like to thank (Nov. 7, 2000) Dan Brockman for kindly finding the maiden name of my great-great-grandmother Wilhelmine Goldbarth Pinner.
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