Dr. Z's Introduction to Probability Handouts


These are the handouts I gave out when I taught "Introduction to Probability", during the Fall 2017 semester.

  • Lecture 1: Counting

  • Lecture 2: What is Probability? Counting vs. Probability

  • Lecture 3: Sample spaces having equally likely outcomes.

  • Lecture 4: Conditional Probability and Independence; Bayes's Formula

  • Lecture 5: Independent events.

  • Lecture 6:Random Variables

  • Lecture 7: Expectation and Variance

  • Lecture 8: The Bernoulli and Binomial Random Variables

  • Lecture 9: The Poisson Random Variable

  • Lecture 10:Other Discrete Probability Distributions; Linearity of Expectation

  • Lecture 11: Continuous Random Variables; Their Expectation and Variance

  • Lecture 12:The Uniform Distribution and the Normal Distribution.

  • Lecture 13: The Exponential Distribution

  • Lecture 14: Joint Distribution Functions

  • Lecture 15:Independent Random Variables and their Sums

  • Lecture 16: Conditional Distributions

  • Lecture 17: Expectation of Sums of Random Variables

  • Lecture 18: Probability Generating Functions; The Gambler's Ruin Problem.

  • Lecture 19: Covariance, Variance of Sums, and Correlations

  • Lecture 20: Conditional Expectation

  • Lecture 21:Moment Generating Functions

  • Lecture 22:Chebyshev's Inequality and the Weak Law of Large Numbers

  • Lecture 23: The Central Limit Theorem and The Strong Law of Large Numbers.


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