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No further assignments due. Please read chapter 16 and do some of the textbook homework.
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or posted
The final exam The final exam, in a compact form. Information about the results is available. Individual messages have been sent today (12/26/2002) to students who requested them with information about final exam grades and course grades. 12/23/2002
Current draft cover page for the final This is the cover page for my current draft of the final exam. Although I do not intend to obfuscate (last vocabulary word: obscure or confuse) please realize that this is a draft and problems may have several parts, etc. Generally students should expect that problems will be approximately as long and as complicated as those from previous exams. 12/11/2002
Candidate for the formula sheet for the final exam Here's my attempt to put useful formulas in a useful fashion on a few pages. Students should let me know if there are errors or if there seem to be serious omissions. 12/11/2002
Answers to the review problems Here are answers, in some cases with extended discussion, to the review problems. Now (4 PM), taking advantage (!) of the snow, I've been able to complete the answers. Students: please let me know if there are any errors. Thank you.
Mr. Ryslik kindly pointed out some corrections to be made to the answers for Problems 1b) and 3. I've made the corrections, and thank him.
Revised: 12/16/2002
Review problems for the final exam This is a set of problems given on previous exams in Math 291 which cover material discussed since the last exam. The page also has information about the final and the final review session. Please note that further exams (with answers) on the material of this course are available. Copies would have been distributed on
Answer to the bonus problem An answer to the bonus problem for the second exam. 11/28/2002
Answers to the second exam. Brief versions of answers. 11/28/2002
The second exam The second exam, in a compact form. Information about the results is available. 11/26/2002
Better approximation to a formula sheet for exam 2 Several student "nominations" for formulas are given here. 11/25/2002
Bonus points on exam 2! Generous contributions have allowed the management to distribute a potential gift of an extra 5 points on the next exam. The details are available here! 11/21/2002
Workshop #9 The ninth workshop  The last one!  ... never, never use color in a silly way: avoid superficiality! 11/14/2002
Review for the second exam Review material for the second exam. Already (11/14) some student answers to these problems have been sent to me. I hope to receive more soon. 11/13/2002
A history lesson, in which we
compute a triple integral for
Mr. Isaac Newton
Here is a short essay I wrote a few years ago about the computation of one specific triple integral. I'd probably modify a few of the more extreme statements made in the introduction to the computation, but I still would assert that it is very important! I probably will present some of this material on 11/7. (I actually did on 11/11.)
I did not give students copies in class since I don't want to use up paper to create handouts people won't actually read.
Workshop #8 The eighth workshop 11/6/2002
Some shapes Pictures useful for a class exercise converting triple integrals into iterated integrals. 10/31/2002
A surprise quiz, sort of The take-home surprise quiz, with Mr. Huang's correction made. 10/29/2002
Workshop #7 The seventh workshop 10/28/2002
A surprise quiz A quiz to see if people can do a double integral. The superfluity of instruction was illustrated by the fact that Mr. Sullivan did fine, even though he had not attended the previous class! Routine ... it's all routine. 10/28/2002
Lagrange multiplier examples Discussion of two Lagrange multiplier examples. Versions of the pictures appear in the class diary. 10/21/2002
Workshop #6 The sixth workshop 10/21/2002
Answers to the first exam Brief versions of answers, including a revision by the instructor of his opinion in one problem! 10/17/2002
The first exam The first exam, in a more compact form, with a correction made. Information about the results is available. 10/17/2002
Formulas for exam 1 The formula sheet for the first exam, with three corrections made! 10/16/2002
Review for the first exam Review material for the first exam. Students have kindly given answers to some of these problems. 10/9/2002
Workshop #5 The fifth workshop 10/7/2002
Data about some functions A gentle (?) introduction to the irritations (features?) of the chain rule in several variables 10/3/2002
Workshop #4 The fourth workshop 9/29/2002
Workshop #3 The third workshop 9/18/2002
Workshop #2 The second workshop, for groups of students. 9/11/2002
Information sheet A sheet to be passed out on the first day of class. 9/4/2002
Workshop #1
The statement of problem 2 is improved following a conversation with Evan Galipeau, who was a student last year in Math 291. I originally wanted to estimate the number of "bad" corners as in the first draft, but he suggested probably correctly that students might find counting the corners explicitly easier. This approach is also more accurate.
Here are two links to the use of summation/product notation which may be helpful in writeups:
    A webpage of the Saddleback College Economics Department (California)
    A webpage for a combinatorics course for K-8 teachers at Illinois State
Workshop #1
A first draft (!) of the first set of "workshop" problems Never?

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