Changing Calculus at Rutgers

During the academic year 1995-96, the Rutgers-New Brunswick Department of Mathematics began to make serious changes in the sequence of calculus courses usually taken by students intending to major in engineering, the mathematical sciences (computer science, statistics, and mathematics) and the hard sciences (biochemistry, chemistry, geology, physics).

Displayed here are workshops, exams, and other course material such as syllabi as actually used during the academic year 1995-6. All of the course material as TeX and postscript files packaged together in one tarred file is also available here. Please send mail to Stephen Greenfield if you have questions or comments about this material or if you use some of it in a course. An acknowledgment that the source of the material is the Rutgers Mathematics Department would be appreciated.

Warm thanks to Larry Greenfield who greatly helped with the planning and construction of this website!

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