Exams for Calculus 151-2 (in GIF)

This material is also available in Postscript format.

For each course, there are sample exams for the first and second in-class exams and a sample exam for the final. These sample exams were given to all students in all lectures to help assure consistency of testing and instruction. Each sample exam was reviewed during one workshop before the corresponding actual exam was given. Generally students did the problems themselves. The sample exams were generally longer than the actual exams. There are also two actual in-class exams (together with their answers) given to students in one of the lectures, and one version of the real final exam given to all students in the course.

During the first semester, two computational tests ("comp tests") were given, one on limits and one on derivatives. One version of each of these is included.

Math 151 (First Semester)

Math 152 (Second Semester)

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