Workshops for Calculus 151-2 (in GIF)

This material is also available in Postscript format.

What's presented here are suggestions for workshops. Each lecturer selected their own workshop problems and sometimes added on to those written here. In most cases, no more than three or possibly four problems were presented to students. The ideal problem is somewhat open-ended and may be difficult to understand. "Real" problems are seldom well-written or precisely formulated, and some of these problems have similar features. This supplied a good excuse for poorly written problems!

As you read the problems remember that students were to do them in groups, with textbook and graphing calculator available. The instructors (graduate students and peer mentor undergraduates) circulated to stimulate work with suggestions for exploration and discussion.

No "official" solutions were ever written or presented, and alternative approaches to solutions were valued. Writeups were graded for both presentation and content.

Math 151 (First Semester) Workshops

Math 152 (Second Semester) Workshops

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