Math 252-02 Spring 2000

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Notes and Comments

The slope fields shown in class on Wednesday, January 26 were obtained in the transcript mentioned in the Supplementary Material section. The cause of the similarity of pictures for exercise 3 and exercise 6 was not noticed until the slides were shown in class, so both appear in the transcript. The instructions used is slightly different from the one described in the 1-dim direction fields help page, but both work. Although Maple is not a formal part of this course, pointers will be given on using it to illustrate material from lectures and textbook.

Projects are expected to take two weeks. Project 1, distributed on February 09, was based on a similar project used in Fall 1998, but there are minor changes in all parts. The project from Fall 1999 in the course archives is based on a Maple lab project from Math 244 and has a very different format. Since the projects and instructions from Math 244 may contain hints that will be useful here, here is an easy link to those files. The tutorial portions of those labs will give examples of common tools for working with differential equations, even if you skip the embedded exercises. Project 2, distributed on March 22 is new this term. It uses the Van der Pol equation to as a vehicle for reviewing many topics from previous courses. The normal time limit of two weeks may need to be extended. One extra week should suffice: the open-ended parts of project are only intended to provide a goal to the work, allowing some discussion of the more routine exercises. You may not be able to do everything suggested in the project in the available time.

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