CLOSED FORM (pun intended!)

by Doron Zeilberger

Appeard in Contemporary Mathematics 143 (1993) (special volume in memory of Emil Grosswald, edited by Marvin Knopp and Mark Sheingorn),579-608.

It was Herb Wilf's brilliant insight that turned a mere algorithm (the so-called Zeilberger algorithm, a.k.a. as the Gosper-Zeilberger algorithm) into a full-fledged theory (WZ theory). This article is just a modest beginning to realizing its full potential. Even though, it has already found quite a few applications to series acceleration and it was exactly what was needed to conclude the Ahlgren- Ono proof of Beukers's conjecture.

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Note Added April 9, 2001: My brilliant and dedicated grad student, Mohamud Mohammed, found some slight misstatements in section 7, and the 1-forms are incorrect as stated. Please read Mohamud Mohammed's corrections in either latex (3 pages), .ps , or .pdf.

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