Leon Ehrenpreis (1930-2010) A truly FUNDAMENTAL Mathematician (a Videotaped lecture)

By Doron Zeilberger

ל ע ל ו י   נ ש מ ת ו   ש ל   ה ר ב   א ל י ע ז ר   א ר נ פ ר י י ס   ז צ " ל

Posted: Sept. 22, 2010.

This lecture, delivered on Sept. 17, 2010 in the Rutgers University Experimental Mathematics Seminar is a mathematical eulogy to my great mentor and influencer Leon Ehrenpreis (24 Iyyar, 5690- 6 Elul, 5770) who was not only one of the greatest mathematicians of our time, and a great rabbi (see, e.g., his insightful commentary on Genesis) (and a very accomplished piano player, and a Marathon runner) but, most important, a great mensch.

You can watch the lecture either in:
Acknowledgement: The video was filmed, edited, and uploaded by Edinah Gnang
This lecture is accompanied by the Maple package LEON, that, inter alia, computes fundamental solutions to partial recurrence operators with constant coefficients, constructs natural polynomial bases to spaces of discrete functions satisfying a linear recurrence equation with constant coefficients, and finds multiplicity varieties (Ehrenpreis' brain-child) for systems of maximally over-determined systems of linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients.

Sample Input and Output for the Maple package LEON

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