Glen M. Wilson

Glen M. Wilson
Email: glen.m.wilson (at)
Office: Hill 512
Office hours: By appointment
Curriculum Vita (Last Updated 3/2017)
Mathematical interests: Algebraic topology, homotopy theory, differential topology, algebraic geometry, K-theory, category theory.

Motivic Adams spectral sequence computations

The aim of this project is to identify the structure of the motivic stable stems \(\pi_{s,w}(F) \) over a field \(F\).

Knight Fu and I wrote a program to compute the E2 term for the motivic Adams spectral sequence over the real numbers. The source code for the program can be found on github. There is minimal documentation included in the git repository, and you can see some examples of how to use the program in the files test-*.py .

The charts of the motivic Adams spectral sequence produced by the computer program can be found here. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the application to browse through the different cases.

If you would like to analyze the product structure of the \(E_2\) term of the MASS over finite fields with odd characteristic, you can download this MySQL database. To load the MySQL database to your local MySQL server, you can execute the following in a linux environment (assuming you have MySQL configured). Login to MySQL and make a database with whatever name you like, e.g., massdb. Then run mysql -u [username] -p massdb < compute_mass_db.sql .

More information can be found in my PhD dissertation.