Glen M. Wilson

Glen M. Wilson
Email: glen.m.wilson (at)
Office: Hill 512
Office hours: By appointment
Curriculum Vita (Last Updated 3/2017)
Mathematical interests: Algebraic topology, homotopy theory, differential topology, algebraic geometry, K-theory, category theory.


G. M. Wilson Motivic stable stems over finite fields. PhD Dissertation (2016).
G. M. Wilson, and P. A. Østvær, Two-complete stable motivic stems over finite fields, submitted (2016).
G. M. Wilson and C. T. Woodward, Quasimap Floer Cohomology for Varying Symplectic Quotients, Canad. J. Math. 65(2013), 467-480.
T. Hagedorn and G. M. Wilson, Symbolic computation of degree-three covariants for a binary form, Involve, Vol. 2 (2009), No. 5, 511-532.

Graduate school notes

Voevodsky's P1 connectivity theorem: These notes were written for the 2015 USC K-Theory workshop, and discuss the motivic category of P1 spectra (presented as bi-spectra) and the connectivity theorem of Voevodsky. I'd like to thank Elden Elmanto and Heng Xie for their help in preparing these notes.

Poincaré lemma: These are my notes for a presentation I gave in an introductory differential geometry course taught by Prof. Chris Woodward.

Reference sheet: I wrote these notes while preparing for my oral qualifying exam.

Official oral qualifying exam syllabus. For your convenience, here is an html version of the exam syllabus.

Undergraduate notes and projects

Adjoint functors in topology: This is an updated version of my honors paper on adjoint functors in topology. It consists largely of expository material on adjoint functors, but there is a proof that a certain push-out does not exist in the category of smooth manifolds. This work was done while taking a reading course with Dr. Carlos Alves.

Animation1.pdf: I made this animation as part of the DIMACS/Math REU at Rutgers in 2010 to illustrate the various methods for showing toric fibers are displaceable and nondisplaceable. As the animation runs, pink regions appear in the moment map image, which means the toric fibers over those points are displaceable. The toric fibers over the points in the green region correspond to non-displaceable fibers. How can we determine if the remaining toric fibers are displaceable or not? More details can be found in the paper Quasimap Floer Cohomology for Varying Symplectic Quotients.

Lecture notes from R. Bieri's course on Σ-theory: These are partial notes from a course on Σ-theory given by Prof. Robert Bieri that I wrote while I was studying at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

Capstone paper: This paper was written while working with Dr. Andrew Clifford while at TCNJ. It is an expository paper about Σ-theory.

Capstone presentation: These are the slides I used for my capstone presentation on Σ-theory.

The path fibration: This is an expository paper on the path fibration and the Leray-Serre spectral sequence associated to the path fibration of the n-sphere. I learned about this material with Prof. Nancy Hingston while reading the book Differential forms in algebraic topology by Bott and Tu.