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What is it?Handed out
or posted
D problems More and more. 3/9/2003
C problems More homework. 2/12/2003
B problems Another set of homework problems. The problems vary wildly in difficulty. 2/5/2003
A problems Homework problems. 1/29/2003
Guide to student effort The subtitle is How to get an A in this course. 1/29/2003

The web has an increasing amount of educational "resources". Here are some nice functional analysis notes. Please let me know if you have additional suggestions.

Notes by D. Arnold of a course given at Penn State: a big PDF file.
Notes by T. Körner of a course given at Cambridge: a big PDF file.
Links to comments by Paul Garrett about functional analysis topics (at Minnesota): various postscript files.
Notes by C. McMullen, Harvard: a big PDF file, with both real analysis and functional analysis.
Notes by B. Petersen of a course given at Oregon State: really very nice notes. The author wrote near the beginning of the semester, "The notes for Mth 614 have been withdrawn temporarily since they require considerable reworking." He recently reposted some sections.

An outline diary

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