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Homework due on Monday, December 13.

Final exams
Math 421:01 Friday December 17 8 AM-11 AM SEC 216
Math 421:03 Tuesday December 21 8 AM-11 AM SEC 204
Look here for further information about the exam, review material, and review sessions.

Other class material

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What is it?Handed out
or posted
The final exam The final exam, in a somewhat more compact form.
A misprint in problem 7 where (Pi/2,3) was written instead of (2,3) has been corrected. The misprint was not noticed by the exam writer or by any of the students who took the exam!
Formula sheets were handed out as suggested in the review material. Here is a discussion of the grades and the grading and here is how course grades were determined.
Review material for the final exam 12/6/2004
Two-dimensional PDE problems Homework problems. I plan to spend the last class in 421:01 answering questions about the last homework assignment and these problems. Students from 421:03 who are free and want to participate are invited: Monday, December 13, 11:30-12:50, in SEC 216.
The version given out in 421:01 had mistakes in the boundary conditions of problem 1. I'm sorry. It's fixed here.
The version given out in both 421:01 and 421:03 had further mistakes in other boundary conditions. Thanks to Mr. Dow for calling attention to this. The errors may have occurred because the management cannot tell the difference between 1 and Pi. I think the errors have now been fixed. The management regrets the errors. A picture of the management is shown here.
A two-dimensional heat flow example Some pictures of a steady-state heat distribution on an idealized square plate in the plane.
The version given out in 421:01 had mistakes in the boundary conditions. I'm sorry. It's fixed here.
Wave equation examples Some Maple pictures of examples for the evolution of initial data using the wave equation and simple boundary conditions. 11/30/2004
Homework+extra credit problem The homework assignment due on Tuesday, November 30, together with an optional problem which, if done correctly, will earn an extra 5 points on the final exam. 11/23/2004
Answers to Exam 2 Answers to the first exam. Here is a discussion of the grades and the grading. 11/23/2004
Exam 2 Exam 2, in a somewhat more compact form.
Changes There are several changes in what's shown here from the exam as actually given. On question 2, there's only one part d) instead of two (!). Question 7 was not well written on the exam. I can't change that but I've added alternative wording that might have clarified the question.
The formula sheet used on the second exam The formula sheet actually given out with the exam. Its content was identical to the draft formula sheet. No suggestions for additions or changes were made. 11/23/2004
One heat flow example An approximation to a boundary value problem for the heat equation is graphed for several small values of time. Some relevant Maple commands are also given. Please see also this page where there are more pictures (this was done after the lecture of 11/23). 11/15/2004
Review material for exam 2 11/11/2004
Fourier series examples Here are some ways to compute partial sums of Fourier series using Maple, and some pictures of functions and some of these partial sums. 11/3/2004
Answers to Exam 1 Answers to the first exam. Here is a discussion of the grades and the grading. It includes some remarks all students should read.
A dreadful misprint in the answers has been corrected, thanks to Mr. Salvino.
Exam 1 Exam 1, in a somewhat more compact form. 10/13/2004
The formula sheet used on the exam The formula sheet, including some RREF's, as was handed out on the exam. 10/13/2004
Review material for exam 1 9/30/2004
Draft formula sheet for the first exam This is a preliminary version of a formula sheet for the first exam, to be given on Tuesday, October 12. Students should let me know, preferably by e-mail, about corrections or suggested additions to this formula sheet. 9/30/2004
The Entrance "exam" The purpose of this assignment is to give insight to students very early in the course about some of the methods to be used. Familiarity with all of the material tested here is necessary for success in this course. Also students can see how the instructor grades. Solutions are due on Tuesday, September 7. 8/31/2004
Information sheet A sheet to be passed out on the first day of class. 8/31/2004
Spring 2004 A spring 2004 version of this course with a similar syllabus and the same instructor, but with a different text. The following items there may be useful for students: review problems, most with solutions; exams, most with solutions; and a detailed course diary with worked-out examples and useful links. 5/14/2004

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